France Day 26 Blangy-sur- Bresle and Day 27 home

From Shelly…
A last look at the lake/ river Bresle in the morning. We had parked at sun set in the drizzle the evening before. I saw two swans but managed to photograph only one.
A drive through Little Paris by the sea Le Touquet. An unfortunate choice of food some rather bland fish soup.
Never mind Calais soon.
Going through passport control. Officials check Bess’s papers and her chip is read electronically. Our passports are also carefully checked. All three of us are in this photo if you zoom in. I appreciate reflection it gives context and allows for the immagination.
Leaving the port of Calais.
It is calm as we hug the coast to Sangatt…
…we then head straight across the shortest distance between France and England.
The wave size is deceptive, moving sea, moving ship, changing sky.
Bumpy large waves making passengers feel unwell and some in the loos. These full length windows are helping me as I too, usually get sick. Anyway we are nearly there. The Dover Port is experiencing congestion due to this bad weather making things take longer. Two ferries have to disembark before us. The captain says he is going to hug the coast to make us more comfortable. We are now off the coast and we can see the white cliffs of Dover. The waves have become calm as has the ferry and the passengers. Far more comfortable. I wonder how long we will wait. The captain has just told us a one and half hour wait while another ferry takes our berth. If the weather improves they will be able to open another berth affected by the wind at the moment.
We are next to the White Cliffs of Dover.
The wind has settled and this berth has been opened it is 4:20 local time. In 3 hours we will be home. It will be lovely to celebrate Sabbath at home.
Skies over a Bess walk. We are home. A big thank you to all the bloggers who liked and commented on our roads we travelled and destinations we reached. People like you make people like us feel loved.❀
… to Sandy

5 thoughts on “France Day 26 Blangy-sur- Bresle and Day 27 home

      1. If you cleaned the windows, you would have a completely different story in the photos. I like this story more β€β€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ“·


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