Day 16 France: Castres

By Shelly…
On one of the roads out of Albi.
On one of the roads into Castres
Bess ready to get out and explore.
The Agout river wafting autumn leaves down stream. This was taken crossing the bridge to enter Castres.
The leaves in the shade. This was taken when leaving a few hours later.
An entrepreneur with his own brand of soups.
Cathedral Saint Benoit.
Lush planting round the church.
Notice the seed pods in the middle of this large plant with red stems.
Loaves of bread in a basket in the right hand corner seem to be the focus of this painting. I can imagine Jesus gesturing that the people need to eat and at Jesus request a disciple asking permission to feed the crowd with the man’s bread. The man with the basket looks hesitant and not that willing or a bit surprised that such a few loaves could feed so many.
Jesus in the centre with six disciples on each side. They are at the last meal with Jesus. Simply eating bread and drinking grape juice. Jesus said He will wait for us to be in heaven with him for Him to eat this simple meal again. However, each time we eat it we must remember that His body was broken and His blood spilt for us.
A big beef tomato some lettuce and dried figs with an empty bottle of what was tomato, ginger and watermelon soup. All from Castres morning market. The soup didn’t lose any of its punch cold. Delicious. Not bread and grape juice but enjoyed out in the park.
A few more of the buildings and streets…
… and a metal mirrored door.
Castres was a centre for the cloth industry from the 14th century and has buildings still standing that belonged to these people. The pink walls with the blue shutters and blue sky taken through some woven planting makes this street look inviting to walk down.
…to encourage Sandy.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 France: Castres

  1. I like seeing what you eat as much as the interesting sights 🤪. I wish you could bring Bess to visit us – totally adorable. Glad you’re having a good time. xxx


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