Day 15 France: Cordes-sur-Ciel and Albi

From Shelly…
The wide open spaces with changing skies.

We parked next to this sculpture which was set up as a tribute to Cordes and its artists in April 2007. The lively movement and colour was welcoming and an age contrast to the ramparts and gates built in 1222.
A pottery shop specialising in some reproductions of ancient pottery in this medieval town of Cordes- sur- Ciel. The town which seems to be suspended from the sky but here reflected with clarity.

Albi about an hour and a half from Cordes.

Our sighting of the Gothic style brick Cathedral through a side street. People are advised to visit in the early morning as this area becomes very hot during the day in summer. The warmth of the bricks on an October evening was pleasant although many of the restaurants had closed.
The largest brick Cathedral in the world Saint Cecile. Built in the aftermath of the Albigensian crusade in 1282 from tithes paid to the church by the working men. From a distance it looks more like a fortress than a place of worship. It is built to dwarf the average person and thereby be a reminder to heretics that the church meant business.
In the foreground a fountain with pigeons drinking. The enormity of one of Ste-Cecile entrances is in the back ground. As you enter you are overwhelmed by the enormity of the frescos and the painted walls.
The alter and cross the division between the two apocalyptic frescos of the Last Judgement. Unfortunately the sun was too bright for me to capture the stained glass window.
On the left as you enter people rising out of their graves, after the resurrection, to eternal life. Some people on both sides are carrying an open book. The Bible?
On the right as you look at it people are going into hell with heaven above the white line. We left these scenes to walk back…
… under the bridge we had walked over before, to a free council motor home park. It is common for people to travel like this and this place is well used tonight so one does not feel isolated. Another day enjoyed in France with it feeling warmer the further south we go.
…to Sandy

2 thoughts on “Day 15 France: Cordes-sur-Ciel and Albi

  1. Wonderful mix of old and new. Fascinating info. Scary religion – can understand the French Revolution better.
    Love the verses I sent you😁🥰.


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