Bess walks

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1
The face of a sun dial in Sylvia’s Garden Newbold College. My lead for Bess is in my hand and photograph.
The distant field and early morning haze.
Brick work and planting
The pink and green of nature’s carpet.
Newbold Sylvia’s Garden in June.
Sylvia’s Garden in September
Path in Popeswood Meadow Spring
Path in Summer
Bess and a friend.
Smell safari
The pond Popeswood
Popeswood Meadow pond.
Ripples and lily pads
Me and my shadow
Red Campion
Log low
Blue bells

One thought on “Bess walks

  1. Thank you for the lovely walk! What are those little purple flowers – we get them in the western cape too. Love that dawg🥰


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