A heart of Sedum, Chrysanthemum and Scabious.

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will eat with him, and he with me.

Revelations 3: 20
Small peachy Chrysanthemum with chocolate Sweet Scabious and Ruby Autumn Sedum all in the fine green heart used for the Viola.

The yellow Chrysanthemum in Japan is a national symbol for sun and light (immortality). The ‘Festival of Happiness’ is celebrated every year in honour of the Chrysanthemum. White Chrysanthemum are reserved for funerals and graves.

In several European nations, including Belgium, Italy, France and Austria, Chrysanthemum symbolism has to do with death. The only time Chrysanthemum flowers are given in these nations is as a token of comfort, grief or bereavement.

Scabious the chocolaty/purple /maroon flower hanging over the edge toward the tortoise has several names: the Mourning bride, Mournful widow, Pincushion flower or the one I prefer is sweet Scabious. These are grown for long blooming and cut flowers. They grow well in rich alkaline soil in cooler climates. This flower is considered a weed in South Australia and is invasive in the grasslands of Canada. My garden Scabious were self seeded from last summer’s 2020 flowers making it into a vase in 2021.
The flowers are the same but in a circular container surrounded by Bryony. I picked this trailing Bryony from the roadside while walking Bess not knowing I needed gloves. I liked the shape of the leaves and the many berries. I also noticed that it was sprawling over another shrub. This plant is a strong climber that can grow 3m in a season. The weight of the stems can break down smaller shrubs and smother growth. The greenish flowers of both white and black Bryony are pollinated by Bees in late spring and summer. The flowers are then followed by red fruit in the autumn. All parts including the acrid- tasting red berries are poisonous. I read too that it may also cause skin irritation and that wearing gloves when handling it is a good idea. I now know I need to get rid of it carefully!

Every warning, reproof, and entreaty in the Word of God, or through His delegated messengers, is a nock at the door of the heart; it is the voice of Jesus asking entrance. With every knock unheeded, your determination to open becomes weaker. If the voice of Jesus is not heeded at once, it becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices, the world’s care and business engross the attention, and conviction dies away. The heart becomes less impressible, and lapses into a perilious unconsciousness of the shortness of time, and the great eternity beyond.

The heavenly Guest is standing at your door, while you are piling up obstructions to bar his entrance. Jesus is knocking through the prosperity He gives you. He loads you with blessings to test your fidelity, that they may flow out from you to others. Will you permit your selfishness to triumph? Will you squander God’s talents, and lose your soul through idolatrous love of the blessings He has given.

Ellen G White RH Nov 2, 1886

2 thoughts on “A heart of Sedum, Chrysanthemum and Scabious.

  1. Interesting information – didn’t know about chrysanthemum’s and funerals. I’ve given many pots of them as gifts😬🙄🥴. Beautiful arrangement. I could find a better name than scabious for a flower🤣🤣


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