Each time you look

Notice me the Cosmos outlined in cerise and coloured in with pink.
Notice me the young Zinnia with my petals still curled and….Me with my newly open crimson ones
Notice us we are truly a miniature oddity of an enormous Sunflower golden and brown and then plane bud yellow
Notice us in all the pictures at different angles long lasting Chamomile Daisies.
Notice the handy work of an unnamed designer who thought of the colours and shapes and placement of the butterflies, flowers and leaves to make this something of beauty to be drunk from by the ” Notice me …”
Another maker’s delight, a beautiful charity shop find. Found long ago.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The Bible Genesis 1:1

God spake and His words created His works in the natural world. God’s creation is but a reservoir of means made ready for Him to employ instantly to do His pleasure. ( Letter131; 1897)


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