The 10 Commandments and T.E Lawrence in the Norman Church of St Martins on the wall.

Starting from the details of the church and moving towards how we got there.

On the left side of the wall it was clear to see the word Exodus. I have photographed from the Bible the first part of the commandments which would have been seen by the congregations.
The lady was pointing to the writing on the wall while a local man was showing his son where he had been baptised as a baby.
Lawrence’s head
Lawrence’s legs
The sculptor then left this next to his work. It made me realise how much Lawrence meant to him.
The last 5 commandments can be distinguished on the right side but I have photographed them from the Bible.
This was on the front door.

God has given His Law ( the 10 commandments) for the regulation of the conduct of nations, of families, and of individuals. There is not one worker of wickedness, though his act be the lightest and the most secret, that escapes the denunciation of that law.

MS 58, 1897
The kind local pointed out the Jack Door nests. He said they had been there ever since he could remember.
The first full sighting of the Norman Church 1060. There has been a church on that sight since 600AD. It is on the Saxon Wall.
Walking on the packed earth of the Saxon wall around Wareham.
A kind person gave us his map and told us of this 7mile circular route walk from our campsite to and around Wareham.We will drop in the map on our way home.

3 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments and T.E Lawrence in the Norman Church of St Martins on the wall.

  1. Wow! What a wonderful walk. Love love love old places like that. All the stories… The nature too. So glad you had a great day.


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