Fig leaves and thistle

Fig leaves are thick and rough on one side and hairy on the undersurface. Some leaves have more lobes than others. It is said that the leaves with fewer or no lobes grow on the margins of the plant.

Fig leaves from the same tree.

At the moment our tree is covered in figs from minute to thumb size. The fruit is a synconium ,which is a fleshy hollow receptacle with a small opening. In some types of fig the little flowers inside this receptacle don’t need to be pollinated while in other types of fig, male and female flowers grow on the same plant and have to be visited by little wasps.

My placement of plants today is more symbolic than an arrangement I would keep in the home. The fig leaves wilted within hours.

Two rather small fig leaves reaching out to a thistle flower.

And the eyes of them were opened, and they new that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

Genesis 3:7

“The fig leaves represent the arguments used to cover disobedience. When the Lord calls the attention of men and women to the truth, the making of fig leaves, into aprons will be begun, to hide the nakedness of the soul. But the nakedness of the sinner is not covered. All the arguments pieced together by all who have interested themselves in this flimsy work will come to naught. “(RH Nov 15 1898)

The vase has an African Daisy on it and the following on its base
” Portmeirion Pottery
Stoke on Trent
Made in England”

One thought on “Fig leaves and thistle

  1. Interesting! Thank you for that. I never thought of fig leaves in that way in connection with Adam and Eve.


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