Hollyhocks and Gladioli 8 Aug 2021

“All the rivers of earthly joy may be flowing into your heart, but they will never fill it. They may recede, or dry up, or ebb; but if not, still they will never satisfy…But in Christ there is perennial interest…We need not go outside of Him for new delights; and to know Him is to possess secret which makes all things new.”


Today is Sunday 8 August. It is raining and quite cold. The garden has provided a surprise white Gladioli growing from one of Grandad’s black builder’s buckets. Two or three years ago I bought Grandad Brian 2 big brown paper bags of Gladioli corms. They were being sold loose and looking flatter than a bulb these seemed to look bigger than normal. Eric,my son, and I planted them around the edges of 3 of the beds in Brian’s garden. Eric, Brian and I worked in this garden together. They grew well but once they had died down we lifted them and brought them to winter in our garage. This I believe is how one corm got left behind in a bucket that I filled with soil to plant seeds in this spring.

Grandad’s Gladioli in his garden.

In this picture you can see Dad Brian and my Dad Bill. Dad Brian passed away at the age of 98 and Dad Bill at 92 is still taking a great interest in all the animals of the Kruger. He lives with my sister Michelle and her husband Frieder near Hoedspruit.
Our Brian in hospital

He was most amused to see that I had edited a picture of him on my phone. I bought these pjs which he liked the smooth texture of but as someone else said they were like prison clothes. In a way hospital was like that because he was such a curios person always going places. However, he did enjoy the comfort and companionship of the staff in hospital and was always ready with a joke while remembering all their names and where they came from.

Hollyhocks and Gladioli .

With the Gladioli, in the other two vases ,are side stalks from one of the Hollyhocks in the garden. Everything is looking battered by the wind and rain today.

The vases belong to a set of 5 which fit into each other like a puzzle. I enjoy using them for individual flowers. The glass beads are to help the Hollyhocks stand proud. In retrospect there should be some in the Gladioli just to make it look good.

The beautiful Hollyhocks a few weeks ago in Cambridge when we spent time in Bugzy.

4 thoughts on “Hollyhocks and Gladioli 8 Aug 2021

  1. Sandy I do love reading about your flowers and experiences. To see the picture of Brian again was lovely. We all still miss him very much


    1. Oh Cornelia it was so strange to see that flower grow up in a bucket. I hadn’t been paying attention and then suddenly it was there blooming. Glad you liked it. This is therapy for me.xx

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