Nafplio and Epidaurus

Paul says he wants everyone to see a mystery of a relationship which has been hidden in God from the beginning of the world and this is it: that He, God created all things through Jesus .

Acts 17 : 24 -26 ( Sandy’s understanding please find it and read it for yourself if you like.)

Nafplio from our park up.

Up on a hill is Palamidi fortress, a Venetian citadel built between 1711 and 1714.
It is named after the inventor Palamedes born here in the 13th century BC and said to have invented the dice.
To the right of this hill fort is the Isle of Bourtzi North of Nafplio Harbour.
The darkness of the sea can be seen all around it.
It defended the only navigable passage in the bay.
The channel could be closed off with a chain between this fortress and the town.

The next morning we were in a rainy but pleasant town.

A quiet, dignified, ordered space with a public then private space through the arch in the distance.
The church of Saint Spyridon.
A Greek Orthodox church.
There is an information board outside with this sad story.

Here is a summary.

Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor of the modern Greek state was assassinated at the very doorstep of this church on a Sunday morning in September 1831.

The people in the 21st Century enjoying their town at lunch time in the sunshine…

It is the museum that lets us see what life was like in the area around Nafplio in ancient times.

A photograph of an archiologist making a discovery in the 1950’s.
These explanations fit with the women above.
Masks! Yes, we are very close to Epidaurus.
These masks were worn by actors to express the personality of the characters they played.
The theatre designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the late 4th century has the following charcteristics:
near perfect acoustics,
one of the only circular orchestra stages to have survived from antiquity,
seats 13,000 to 14,000.

It is still used as a venue for ancient plays. The late Maria Callas performed Medea here in 1961. (Press on her name to just see her in rehearsal on the stage at Epidaurus then to hear her powerful voice press Marie Callas) Here are a couple of quotes from this ancient tragedy written in 431 BC.

Of all creatures that can feel and think, we women are the worst treated things alive.

Euripides. Medea

I would three times sooner go to war than suffer childbirth.

Euripedes. Medea

Thank you once again for sharing in this most interesting part of our world and its history.

Sandy 🙂

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