Kalamata table olives , Koroneiki oil and Voidokilia beach.

We are now in the Messinia region of the Peloponnese. It is known for the Kalamata and Koroneiki olives. If you look at the map of Greece we are on the first finger on the left very close to the town of Pyros.

Solomon has something to say to God: ” Take away from me thoughts about myself all the time, and lies too: don’t give me poverty or riches; feed me with food that suits me: If I am full I may deny you God and say : Who is the Lord? or if I am poor , I may steal, and swear using God’s name in vain.” He goes on saying some interesting things…

Proverbs 30 : 8 (Sandy’s wording and understanding )

Driving through on a diversion, due to road works, we came very close to the olive trees.

Some of the olive groves were flecked with pink and yellow flowers.
A healthy but possibly unwanted growth of prettiness!
…and others with bee hives taking advantage of all these wild spring flowers.
Some areas under the trees are well cleared of spring growth.

Here a face in the bark looks out at those who pass.
Olive trees have a good year of producing olives and then a not so good year ( a little rest year!)
The Kalamata olive tree has leaves twice the size of other olive varieties.
Their purple fruit which is asymmetrical is hand picked so as not to bruise them.
They are then bottled in karoneiki oil.
A fleshy textured olive with a taste best enjoyed with the creaminess of feta . Often cured in salt as it is picked ripe,
it is often flavoured with Bay leaf .

Here is a link How Extra – Virgin Olive Oil Is Made in Greece. This link is to olives and how oil is produced in the Messinia region.

Many aged trees .
Outer bark vertically folded and thickened with some trees over
1,000 years old.
Respected trees.

The trees then give way to the sea
Gialova lagoon .
A place of particular natural beauty.
A bird habitat.
They say there are: broard- billed sandpipers,terns, glossy Ibises, purple herons, great white egrets,ospreys,imperial eagle etc
Then walk over the sand dunes or between them to an omega shaped bay.
A broad opening for the start of the walk around the bay.
750m of sandy beach.
A link of clouds between the two land masses making the bay…

A gray day provides the best light .

Leonardo da Vinci

‘A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition ‘ says William Arthur Ward. He also said: ‘ feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.’ I have a lot of those. Really sad!

Thank you for joining us.

Sandy 🙂

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