A Sabbath walking near Kaiafas

Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.

Psalm 25:4

There is a hot spring coming out from a mountain and a very big gate. It used to be a viable place . It is now just a place where locals find their way in. Then in a stream where the waters are much cooler are turtles/fresh water terrapins. Active and soothing to watch. This water leads to a lake and then an arm of it suddenly stops near the sea. Let us walk bits of it all.

They come ,they peer,
Heads high, eyes wide.
Then they are gone.
The lake with dented ripples.
Then a sudden stop.
Little fish swimming in the sweet water.
This side… then
the other side … The salty Ionian sea.

Here are few questions about turtles:

Which Greek philosopher had a turtle dropped on his head?


According to legend, the playwright Aeschylus met a tragic death when an eagle that had just caught a tortoise mistook Arschylus’s bald head for a shiny rock , and accidently killed the author by dropping the animal on his head.

And according to Greek mythology why are there turtles?

A nymph called “Chelona” (Turtle) dared to make fun of Zeus and Hera on their wedding day. The couple decided to punish her by condemning her to live in the water and carry her home on her back.

Which is the largest and smallest living turtle?

The leatherback turtle 2.7m 500kg.(8’10” 1,100lb)

The Chersobius signatus in South Africa 10cm 172g (3.9″ 6.1oz)

It is amazingly noisy to sleep here lots of croaking from frogs then crickets too. Here is a cute link for Turtle time for children.

This will be our fourth week travelling! For those of you interested in Bess. She is fine.

It was warm for her here but on the whole we haven’t had much hot weather.

Take care.

Sandy πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A Sabbath walking near Kaiafas

  1. Lovely pictures and nature teaches us so much! Hope you get some warmer weather from now onβ˜€οΈπŸ


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