From lake Heraion to Hera’ s temple and Loutraki.

Do not let your thoughts stay on yourself. Think of Jesus. He is in His holy place, not in solitude and grandeur but surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousands of angels who wait to do their Master’s bidding. And he asks them to go and work for the weakest person who puts their trust in God. High and low, rich and poor, have the same help provided.

Lake Heraion at sunset.
At first I wished for more colour but then realised that this was beautiful in its shades of palest bluegreypinkwhitecoal.

At the end of the Perachora peninsula and not far from lake Heraion is the temple of the goddess Hera. It was built around 820 BC. It consists of three levels . The lowest and most significant level is opposite and almost on the beach of a cove.

This is Hera’s temple starting at the lowest level where it is indicated that the alter for sacrifice is.
There is a flat stone where on the first day of the month a ewe-lamb and sow were sacrificed.
…the small cove opposite.

Hera had a temple of her own because she was worshipped as the goddess of women, marriage and childbirth. Her temple was where they prayed for protection during childbirth, for good health and that their marriages would work out well.

Hera married Zeus. They had a very unhappy marriage with Hera often taking revenge on Zeus’s many lovers and illegitimate children. It appears that Hera and Zeus were brother and sister.

Just up a flight of stairs is a cistern. The ancients had various ways of collecting and storing water including the use of a large animal walking around a wheel. This is a cistern for water storage.
Notice the warn stairs going into it on the right…

Should you want to read more Warick University did some work on this site. The temple has two further levels they think were for when there were large numbers of worshipers.

From this site we travelled on to the town of Loutraki. Loutraki was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1928. The response of the people was to take all the rubble of the fallen houses, reclaim some of the sea and create a large park. Unfortunately in 1981 there was another strong earthquake but with less destructive effects.

From ancient times Loutraki has been associated with healing thermal waters. First mention of these was made by Xerophon the Athenian in his work “Hellenica” he says that during the Corinthian War, Spartan soldiers would camp, rest and revitalise here after battle.

It was interesting that everyone using the spa we went to had to show an ID and see a Dr. before using the facilities. They took our blood pressure and we were allowed half an hour in the pool.

I did Google Loutraki’s water compounds and it said sodium chloride, mild alkali, and traces of naturally radioactive substances.

Parking close to the sea wall with Loutraki in easy walking distance.

Here are some things supposedly said by Spartans :

A Spartan , being asked why he wore his beard so very long said:

‘So that I may see the grey hairs and do nothing unworthy of them.’

When the ambassadors of the Samians spoke at great length, the Spartans said to them.

‘ We have forgot the first part, and the later part we did na ken because we had forgot the first.’

Spartans with no exact names.

As he was going about among the walls of Corinthians and observed that they were high and towering and vast in extent, Agis son of Archidamus said :

‘What women live in this place?’

He also said when asked how many Spartans there were, he said:

” Enough to keep all bad men away.”

Thank you for being with us a little in Greece.

Sandy 🙂

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