A walk in Ancient Corinth.

And now there is faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love. Paul’s ending to 1 Corinthians 13.

He wrote two letters to the people of Corinth both are an interesting read.

The Bible 1Corinthians 13: 13
The dominant feature of ancient Corinth is a mountain of safety.
Here at the top of this mountain is a fresh water fountain.
The people of Corinth were wealthy. One home in the ancient town another for safety up on top of this mountain.
The next feature of importance are the Doric pillars the only ones the Romans left standing.
They belonged to the Temple of Diana.
Some more really interesting pillars. Looking at the 6 capitals at the back from left to right:
1 Tuscan 1st cent.AD
2 Doric 510-500 BC
3 Ionic Roman Period
4 Pergamene Roman period
5 Corinthian last quarter 1st CenturyAD
6 Chimaera 3rd quarter of 1st century.

Now with a lot of imagination one can picture wealthy buildings. Corinth’s geography made it rich. The mountain for safety and then close by the 4 mile Isthmus where boats were unloaded and pulled across the dry land then loaded again. This was to save the sailors from the bad storms around the western Peloponnese. There is an ancient Greek proverb that says ” After doubling Cape Malea forget your family.”

Let us enter the museum. A headless,legless, armless grouping but with finely carved draped clothing. I then focused on finding some toes and fingers. There were just a few.

A city peopled by statues of gods.

Behind this bearded man is a draped torso next to it are these words
‘ look for the holes where the wings were.’

This is the town Paul visited David Suchet reads Acts 18 which tells of this visit. (David Suchet is an Englishman who you may know as detective Hercule Poirot in the British TV series. He is an Anglican and has been public about his faith for years.)

Let us go up the mountain behind the town.

The climb is still steep after driving most of the way up. Here is one of three gates keeping people safe from pirates.
The mountain was covered in spring flowers .
Look at these enormous Euphorbia in the foreground.
Then right at the top is a fortress and to the left we believe are the ruins of Aphrodites temple ,where the guide books says, a 1,000 temple prostitutes lived.
It is this life style Paul tried to discourage with his writings to the Corinthians.
His most popular chapter is
1 Corthians 13
where he outlines what real love is.

Now a look at both ends of the Corinth Canal. It was dug out at sea level , 4 miles long, 80.7 feet wide. In classical times they tried to do it but failed and then for various reasons it took from 1881 to 1893 to complete it. About 11,000 ships use it a year, mostly tourist ships, other ships are too large.

Thank you for sharing Ancient Corinth, as we walked it. Here are a few Greek sayings to leave you with.

It’s sweet to view the sea when standing on the shore.

Too many opinions sink the boat.

A drop of wisdom is better than a sea of gold.


Sandy 🙂

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