Loutra Thermopilon

This is God talking: ” I know your works : you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were either cold or hot. So because you are neither hot nor cold , I will spit you out of my mouth.

Revelations 3 : 15-16
Loutra Thermopilon in the morning sunshine.
Deep in Earth's unfathomable heart of rock
There is a softness of molten held
A throbbing mass of heat held in fist lock.
A place of redblackorange meld.

Then enter cold and wet through fissure gate
Gathered from the rain and mist, drop by drop, then a trickle.

Sizzle,splatter and then accommodate .
The streams slowly inundate rocks fickle.
When pressure builds and space and time are no more

Out, out it gushes with sulphur steam
Down it runs through Louyra Themopilon
Hot,hot water!
A heart gift from the Earth.


Sandy 🙂

The steam as seen in the early morning coming from the gushing hot water falling over rocks…

There was a storm when we arrived. Thunder lightening and pouring rain but still a few went in. Early this morning when the sky was blue and sun just up it was an amazing place to be in and out the water.

Thank you for seeing this natural unspoilt part of Greece. No tourist kiosks. No entry fee. A delightful place.

Love is like water, if it doesn’t flow it stagnates.


Sandy 🙂

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