Ulm Germany to Brixen/Bressenon Italy

Just before leaving Ulm we went into the cathedral where they were preparing the lighting for the Easter service.
I stood between two people each controlling enormous spot lights.
They were focusing them on the pulpit. Was the lime light for the whole pulpit ? Was it just for the speaker?

No, it was for the cross. Both lights focused on it and it alone. I showed one of them the picture I had taken and they said:

GOED… and so it is… GOOD

May this good Friday remind us of God’s gift of love His Son.

We were soon driving through the Alps.

Here are some things that have been said about the Alps as you see a bit of the roads we travelled.

‘Hills peep o’er Hills,
and Alps on Alps arise.’
Alexander Pope
‘Human nature seems to me like the Alps.
The depths are profound,
black as night,
and terrifying,
but the heights are equally real,
in the sunshine.’
Emily Greene Balch
‘ Some men storm imaginary Alps
all their lives,
and die in the foothills cursing difficulties
which do not exist. ‘

The air in the Alps was crisp and chilly with a warm sun. Thank you for reading our post.

Sandy 🙂

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