A walk in the gardens of Keukenhof

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever.

2Peter 3: 18

Keukenhof in the Netherlands is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. Seven million flower bulbs are planted annually in 79 acres. It is open for its tulip displays from mid -March to mid-May. To ensure continous bloom , three bulbs are planted in each location.

Other flowers are also grown: hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, roses, carnations and irises. Let’s go for a walk…

It is a time when the garden is pristine . The crowds have not yet walked on the edges. The flowers aren’t tired of blooming , infact a lot of them are still waiting for that moment of warmth to open. Let ‘s spend a while in this garden…

Flowing out from a mixed bed of purple hyacinths and short red tulips is a ribbon of white and bright pink hyacinths. These then mix in the distance with yellow. The fully open mature daffidols
A quiet white tulip lined walk , notice the grass on the edge perfectly trimmed with trees making their presence felt, shadows falling here and there on this blue sky day.
Hyacinths again in full colour crossed over by a river of green tulip leaves. Then one lone red tulip.
One from last year’s planting for this bed.
A gardener was pulling these out here and there.
I overheard a father say:
” May I have one for my little girl”.
The gardener smiled gave it to the father who placed it in his expectant daughter’s hands.
A pleased child with a full smile.
There is also water in the garden .
Here we are looking out towards the bulb fields in the far distance.
They have daffidols and hyacinths.
Long joyous row upon row of them uneaten, standing up straight so happy to be here.
Notice the curving cannal with the great promise of abundant flowers.

Then into the first of several pavilions. Let us look into these blocks of colour:

A green curly petaled tulip with pink fleshy petals.
There was once a type of tulip bulb that in January 1637 reached the price of 10,000guilders, this was ten times the annual income of a skilled artisan. However, people soon couldn’t afford to buy them and the price collapsed.

Then into a second pavilion of mixed in and out of season flowers.

As in nature, so in grace; there can be no life without growth. The plant must either grow or die. As its growth is silent and imperceptible, but continuous, so is the development of the Christian life. At every stage of development our life may be perfect; yet if God’s purpose for us is fulfilled, there will be continual advancement.

E.G. White

There is a song my mother used to sing Tulips from Amsterdam. I don’t think I had seen a real one then and we certainly hadn’t been to Amsterdam but Mummy sang it with a heart full of love and her unique loud voice filled the room.

It is sung here by Max Bygraves who was born in England in 1922 and died in Australia in 2012. He was a comedian, singer and actor.

Tiny Tim also sang a song ‘ Tiptoe through The Tulips ‘ successfully making it into the charts.

For children there is a song filled with information about tulips. I couldn’t connect it but just Google ‘ children’s songs about tulips.’ It tells of the flower’s origin in Turkey and how it is named after a turban. A lovely way of learning about this flower enjoyed by so many people all over the world.

Thank you for sharing a little of this garden with us. I enjoyed revisiting it in this post.

Sandy 🙂

6 thoughts on “A walk in the gardens of Keukenhof

  1. I so love flowers! Yes, I remember Mommy singing that and also thinking the same thing about tulips. Miss her. She was gone 18 years a few days ago.


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