A Sabbath walk of 4 miles along a ridge and the Thames River near Cookham.

There are so many good things and experiences that God has stored up for those who fear Him. All he wants from you is to take refuge in Him and in His safety He will give you these openly.

Psalm 31:19 ( Sandy’s understanding)
1 Mud Earth 
Mud slip-slop, moving blobs
Under winter boots sticky-wicky
Down between your summer toes curling curves
Earth our bed
A nourishing, nurturing seed home
Repose of warmth for corms, and roots, through winter's raw
Taking us into its six foot depth
Holy place of heaven, our given MUD, EARTH

Sandy 🙂
2 Earth's nappy and our mop!
Rain on earth
River to the sea
A salty water swirl
Earth where are your store houses?

Water in a puddle on the floor
Little one where is your nappy?
Mum where is the mop?
Water in and out.

Sandy 🙂
3 When water doesn't run but only tricles
When green is brown
and trees curl leaves and drop limbs
When fire licks to charcoal
When thirst is mocked by salty seas
Water! Save water!
Life on Earth is all WATER.

Sandy 🙂
Earth’s banks water eaten.
The river Thames moving to the sea.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.. Feel free to comment and say which one you prefer.

Sandy 🙂

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