Remembering the birth of our second child.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2: 7
Our two sons.
‘One brother will always be better than a thousand friends.’
Our second son arrived about a month after we finished work on the cottage.

We were experienced! Roy packed snacks to pass the long hours ahead. We predicted it would take some hours ! Except when we left the house our child was no longer in the warm waters of a womb room. I was soon on a white bed where a midwife announced : ” Your baby has its back against your back. We hope the child turns. ” Our child must have heard my wishes and that nurse’s voice. (I doubt!) He turned and just like that I had fierce rhythmic pains and with gas and air he arrived screaming at 7:07 am. Roy took him in his arms. His arrival was so quick I was hurting but I took him in my arms greatful for his noisey, healthy 9.8 agpar arrival. A new life. A beginning.

The afternoon before his birth we had a group of about eight friends over to have lunch with us. At that time we had half a dozen couples who we were good friends with, I can’t remember what combination of them were visiting. The food was on the table when I had a sharp pain, I said nothing and because it never came again didn’t bother too much.

It was 2am in the morning that I decided to run a bath and leave the family to sleep. It was 5am when I asked Roy to fetch aunty C. When he arrived she said she wanted to put breakfast out for her husband. Roy was worried so came back to me then went back to fetch aunty C . At last she was in the house. I guess we had an hour it was probably 6am when we left for the hospital.

Our child was born on Mother’s day. An amusing memory was being presented with a cake and having our picture in the local papers. I can’t say we didn’t enjoy the cake but it really was an advertising stunt.

Here are some sayings. I’ve never had a brother so how true they are I don’t know.

A bad brother is far better than no brother .

A brother may pretend as if he does not care, but in reality, he will always look out for you and will always care.

A brother is someone with whom you will share more than an emotional bond, a piece of childhood for each other , forever.

Sorry,I don’t know who first said these. They are rather kind.

Thank you for reading our memory.

Sandy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Remembering the birth of our second child.

  1. Those were the days! You came to visit us in Willowmore when he was about nine months old. We had a good time with our babies together. I must look for the pics. 🥰


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