Revisiting those Tulip magnolia flowers

With the really old (ancient) is wisdom and with more years added to your age your understanding increases .

Job 12:12 ( Sandy hopes!)

This arrangement was inspired by seeing some delicate Chinese paintings which I very much enjoyed. The vase photograph is from a different angle as my son looked and said : ” Try this!”

This foliage comes from a space where the majority of my used plant material goes.
Some I hang upside down .
Others I give a small amount of water to stand in as they dry.(
Then others are left lying flat .
These tulip magnolia flowers from my neighbours’ tree were left in the vase. They were last seen in my post
Tulip Magnolia.

Some facts about tulip trees. They grow very big so best grown outside. They take 15-20 years to bloom BUT can continue to bloom for 200 years. Their flowers superficially resemble tulips and the tree drops both petals and a sticky sap difficult to get off cars.

No person taps this free power; the dynamo in the tulip tree pumps out even more tulip tree, and it runs on rain and air.

Annie Dillard
I think the Eucalyptus in the vase is a bit like Chinese art work . Delicate in grey and taking its own bow out. It was from another arrangement and has been standing in a little water for a while now.

Thank you for looking at my post. It is raining heavily here. I⁸So glad I didn’t go out to pick these. Take care wherever you are.

Sandy 🙂

Rust and grey. Curls and straights.

7 thoughts on “Revisiting those Tulip magnolia flowers

  1. Definitely a Chinese influence there🥰. (We have central Asian DNA – it must come through on the genes😃). Keep warm and dry.


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