Snowberries, shells and a cork

Look at Me, not past Me. Look at Me only and be saved all of you on Earth: It is simple I am God , and there is none else. The word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness and will not go back into my mouth (I have sworn by myself) That every knee will bow to me … and all those who are incensed against Him will be ashamed.

Isaiah 45:22-24 ( Sandy’s understanding…it is a strong passage. Our Christmas baby is a Powerful God.)
Come with me to the post box, the big red one.
On the way are these snowberries
I'll pick some.
Strange this but the red envelopes in my hands may not have the right address.
A large part of my heart is in these envelopes.
I hope they are torn open by those I love!
White left behind BUT not snow, snowberries.
A cork floating with no way out.
Small shells brought back from a beach. So far from the sound of the sea.
Three stems for 2023.
What will we have?
fake emotions,
unrealistic expectations,
alienation ?


real care ,
reasonable/reachable expectations

I guess , I can just say thank you for being with me while I think about the family, the wider world family, the animals and plants, seas and rivers. Our world called Earth.

Sandy πŸ™‚

If your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

John Dewey

12 thoughts on “Snowberries, shells and a cork

  1. You are so gifted at finding connections. Those snow berries are beautiful as are your words. Realness. Connection. Grounding. I wish all these things for you in the New Year πŸ™‚


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