A walk into Sepia

Peter says God loves you very much and He wants you to know that time is not the same with the Lord. One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. The Lord gives importance to His promises; but He really doesn’t want us to perish . He wants us to say sorry because He is coming in such a way that there will be a great noise and the heat will melt the elements. There will be a lot of fire.

2Peter 3:9,10 Sandy’s understanding (Prepare to meet your God because you love Him not because you are scared. Love is all important to Him.
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave Jesus , His son….that the world would be saved . “)
The cover for the engine is half swang open.
Has the car over heated?

The mother holds the child.
Both have hats on.

It is hot.

The dog looks intentional.
Tail up , nose pointing.
What is it that the veld has hidden?
The car is facing up hill, no obvious road, some long stalks of grass,
bair trunks of thorn trees in the background.

There they are in the middle of where? Close to where?
Alone but not…
All in sepia .
These people.

It is my Ouma holding my uncle John, then his brother , my Dad , is the little head in the car .
Another relative is in the car but I don’t know who they are.
I imagine they are all on their way to Bembie, the Wankie farm.
My dad is now 93.
I think the car is a Model TT Ford.
This all took place possibly 90 years ago. A photograph from the early 20th century.
Naturally Sepia.

Without poetry, stories would be told in sepia.” (Author Ellen Hopkins)

What does sepia represent?
” Viewed in this light, sepia fulfills the dual purpose of evoking the flavour of its time and of leaving and retouching its less creditable aspects. Sepia was thus predestined to be the colour of nostalgia.”( Luc Sante – Color / Sepia – Cabinet Magazine)
A late autumn and early snow fall turned the countryside into black, white and reddish-brown this morning.
Down narrow, soft wet paths and broad tarred roads we walked
Black and white with reddish – brown.
A sky smooth matt grey
A covering for our world.
Mix those colous a little .Sepia?

You can’t shoot in sepia, so converting into black and white and then into brown makes everything feel less real.

Author Martin Parr
The tarred road in Sepia.
The morning has past, our walk is moving towards sepia…

The older one becomes the quicker the present fades into sepia and the past looms up in glorious technicolour.

Beryl Bainbridge

I don’t know how to turn my family of the past into technicolor for you but in my mind I can .

Thank you Roy that with your technical know how you were able to change the photos of today’s walk into sepia.

I hope your day is full of colour past and/ or present.


14 thoughts on “A walk into Sepia

  1. Love this post! Beautiful sepia photos. The adult in the car is a servant. The dog is a pointer. Dad told me its name – I’ve forgotten. It used to go to all the cooking fires near the homestead, collect the pots and bring them home. Thank you for a delightful post.


    1. So glad you liked it. Yes only one chance and then a long wait for them to be developed. So much excitement when they came. We miss out on that. Still it is nice to have immediacy. Glad you liked the post.


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