Germany, Belgium, France.

Pursue righteousness and a godly life, along with faith , love, perseverance, and gentleness .

1 Timothy 6:11.

We travelled through Germany followed by the relatively flat green of Belgium with a stop in Namur and then the port in France.

The early morning mist as we took to the road in Germany. The sun came up as a large disc of yellow… and I remembered a lady we met from Bavaria Germany in our park up in Offanga Italy.
Her dog had run off with Bess and we both wanted to find them.
Bess ran into Bugsy and we spotted hers soon enough.
I asked the lady her name and with a little cough she said “Dirty”.
I waited and then she said instead of /i:/at the end say/^/.
With that we all three were talking.
She travelled alone with her dog.
She spent two months of the year in Greece and was now on her way home. We shared our pasta and Parmesan and she gave us so much good information. Then I just had to ask how old she was. She smiled and said 77.
She had done the trip 17 times, and no it was nothing , there were a thousand others like her who traveled alone in their motorhomes.
Better on the road than alone at home… and were we coming to Bavaria ?
No, not this time.
Well who knows we may see each other in Greece.
I hope so!
…then later the grey clouds highlighted the orange , yellow and green of the trees. A truck with tree trunks caught my attention.
Then Belgium.
Bright in Namur.
A French speaking town with an ice rink in preparation for Christmas fun.
A spider in an imaginative children’s playground. A bit of therapy…

It is then a quick peek into the Baroque Cathedral dedicated to Saint Auban. Inside are the paintings of Jaques Nicolai who died in Namur in 1678. I found out from Google that the copyrights on his works have expired and that not much is known about him except that he was from Southern Netherlands. While looking at these paintings I noticed that the people on the whole had no shoes on. I then focused on what the feet looked like.

Let us go into one of them feet first.🤣

Then look at the strength in the mother’s arms and is that a hand from a disciple restraining her from bringing her children?…
Peter asks : “Can I walk on the water too?”
And there he goes splashing through with Jesus standing calmly. The feet are hidden.
A leg and foot in the centre foreground. Arms and legs in gestures pointing towards Jesus.
Fisherman’s arms bringing in more fish than expected.
The Church with the large paintings just visible at the front.

Back in Bugsy and then to the port in France.

A windy night and the lights of France far in the distance.
There on the left is a life boat. The floor is a bit shiny and wet.
The ferry is massive with just a few of us passengers .
There are probably more crew members on board tonight.
The wave motion is getting stronger.
I hope all will go well.
I hate getting sick.

We will be home soon and it will be good.

Thank you for being with us and I have loved reading your comments. I intended to read tonight but it is getting rough. Take care.

Sandy 🙂

12 thoughts on “Germany, Belgium, France.

  1. So much interesting stuff! The spider on the playground really made me curious. It would be so interesting to see the different playgrounds designed for children around the world. While play is universal, context is very much cultural. I’m off to see if I can find some more information on playgrounds around the world.

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