Rapino in Italy

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The grace of Jesus Christ be with you all.

Genesis 1:1 Revelations 22:21
Rapino in early evening light.
A town of arches and many properties with potential.
Groups of engineers working to restore them.
“Renovating old homes is not about making them look new
it is about making new unnecessary. ”
Ty McBride.

We travelled on to a bigger town, Guardiagree where we saw the Rapino houses for sale.

Renovating not only restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighbourhood.


In the past this town of ancient origin was known for the art of ceramics. The most famous of these artists was Fedele Casppelletti 1847-1920. He was born and died in Rapino. The town has recently tried to start this activity again. Unfortunately the ceramics museum was closed.

Travel was next. Not far, but a high pass with hair pin bends. Bugzy and Roy at there best. The San Leonarde pass 1,280m.

The road was excellent but this was one of the hairpin bends.
…another town to explore. Looks interesting. What do you say? I must look at it on a map…

Thank you for kindly looking at this lovely part of Italy. It is a privileged to call Earth / our World home.

Sandy 🤗❤🥰🙂

10 thoughts on “Rapino in Italy

  1. I just love those old stone buildings and old doors. Must be difficult to restore them but I know it can be done! Your hairpin video yikes! We did many scary turns like that in our motorhome pulling a trailer that had my car in it traveling cross-country, whew!


    1. Wow! We have seen quite a few towing trailers with cars here. An experience when you hold your breath. The view can be so distracting that you hope the driver doesn’t look. They’re doing up the villages nicely here. Working from home probably making the difference.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What beautiful surprise lies beyond the next bend? I bet Roy loves these hairpin bends😇 love to travel with you through stunning ageless Italy


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