A Sabbath drive from Penne to Scafa.

Let us remember to meet up with each other so we can encourage each other and find out what we can do to help. (All Sandy’s understanding )

Hebrews 10:23-25

The 80% chance of rain for Friday and Sabbath has happened. I am really pleased for the farmers. It isn’t harsh or forceful but just enough to prepare the ground for more. Our drive to Ciete shows how low the water is in one of the rivers.

Here crossing a river with a very rocky bed with an evident slight slope is sluggish water. The shrubs turning yellow with touches of grey and green follow the water course. The bridge railings looking weathered as we travel passed . All these pictures are from Bugsy’s side window. Bess and me at the back. The men with their long legs in the front.
Some trees like sentinals between good lands and bad lands. Our roads were showing wear/cracking length ways. We could see they were under constant repair.
The road through small hamlets looked like an after thought. The houses there first. Bugsy squeezing through on wet roads twisting and turning. A challenge for Roy. Then we found a group of people we wanted to meet with.
It is fascinating to see stories in churches and this one has its symbolism too. It is a picture of three angels. What the artist is depicting is found in the Bible in Revelations 14 : 6-10
The First angel closest to earth is saying “Fear God and give Him glory because judgement is near.”
The second angel says: ” Babylon (evil) is fallen that great city/way of living that made people saturated with evil.”
The third angel follows these two and says with a loud voice ” If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forhead (way of thinking ) or his hand (way of doing things). The same will drink of the wrath of God… ( I don’t like the rest of it.) This is Sandy’s understanding.

Last week we met on Sabbath with a lively group of Italians in Lesi/ Jesi who invited us to lunch at an ADRA office. They laughed and joked. One of them translated for us. The food was cooked on Friday and heated so there was plenty of time to relax and talk. There was a story about parents. An English man had fallen in love with an Italian girl during the war and couldn’t forget her so came back to marry her. They then went to live in Argentina, had three boys, then returned to Italy while expecting their fourth. The man telling this story was the fourth child. Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, he was now married to a Ukrainian lady and he was speaking to her in that language. He was also the host that had invited us and cooked the meal. A lively personality.

Another Italian man said: ” I am really pleased my wife thought her cake wasn’t good enough to bring. I really enjoyed it! A man without a stomach is like the sky without stars.”

The ADRA office in that small town is looking after 400 people. It is so good after travelling to worship with people who understand your love for the Bible.

Here are some thoughts about being together.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


Coming together is a beginning . Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


It’ s such happiness when good people get together.

Jane Austen

I have been preparing meals in Bugzy for us three. Things have been busier. Thank you for seeing where we are here in Italy.

Sandy 🙂

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