San Leo Italy

Peter and the Apostles had been arrested, escaped and rearrested. Then Peter spoke in their defense: “We ought to obey God rather than men…”

Then Gamaliel said: “Leave these men alone! If this work is of men, it will come to nothing, but if it is of God, you are not going to be able to destroy it, because then you will be found to even be fighting against God.”

Acts 5: 29…38,39 ( Sandy’s understanding . A really interesting chapter of imprisonment from jealousy and angel release. Peter and the Apostles knew who they loved.)
Bugzy is parked below this awe inspiring fortress of San Leo. It was at one time one of the palaces owned by Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza. It was a fortified palatial retreat.
We know there is a path / road up around the side. We will take it now…
Through the gate we go. Visitors haven’t arrived yet but on the right is an elderly artist already at work. Perhaps he had an idea in the night on how to finish his piece…
I asked his permission for this lovely early morning moment. He smiled at my intrusion and was so intent that he never thought to try and sell me his works.
His window.
Delicate work but look at the reflected cobbled streets a pattern of their own.
Then up through this medieval village on a spur of a rock. Fortified and with its stately pines. Past the ancient parish church (8th -10th century) where Leo found a quiet cave to pray.
…past this well kept pink and blue shuttered home carefully locked up. Then after several steep turns and stops to look at the view we are at the top.

The last prisoner kept in here was Count Cagliostro. Here they didn’t have to see much of him as they feared his gaze and thought he might induce them into freeing him or hypnotise them. He apparently had persued several occult arts and was arrested in 1789 for wanting to found a Masonic lodge in Rome. Being sentenced to death it was then decided to have him sent to Forte di San Leo where he died in 1795.

The Fort also had many other small prison cells and then in one large hall a substantial gun collection. I was pleased to leave this place.

Then a walk down from the Fort through the Medieval town and back to Bugzy.

Bugzy as seen from the top of the fort
in the trees. Other motor homes are there too. We all legally stay there over night .

Thank you for walking through San Leo in the morning.

Sandy 🙂

5 thoughts on “San Leo Italy

  1. I really enjoyed the early morning photo of the artist at work. It gives us a wonderful taste of the place. Those cells and fort do look quite terrifying. The Count Cagliostro story was super interesting. Thank you!


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