20 mile circular cycle ride from Comacchio

“Jesus is ready to work in our behalf, to subdue every evil in our nature. Today he is standing at the alter of mercy presenting before God the prayers of those who desire his help.”

“…God will have compassion upon us …and will cast our sins into the depth of the seas…” (Sandy’s choice of words)

EG White and Micah 7:19
Early morning sun throws reflections on the canal opposite to where Bugzy has been parked all night.
(Here parking for an overnight stop is free but no electric hook up.)
Then a road with two tracks ,
choose well
one can be smooth the other stoney.
The smooth has a drop beyond those plants into a canal.
A canal that smells sweetly like a just opened aquarium when all is well inside.

Some colours: red , a synthetic looking red, the plant very much like heather and then purple daisies with yellow centres. We saw patches of these small flowers everywhere.

Ahead the fisherman’s traditional wooden houses and fishing nets. These were common sightings sometimes in a long row.
But we had only been riding 20minutes when right across our track flamingos flew.
A number enough to hear their movement and see their legs stretched out right to their toes a dignified look. An honour to be present for such a fly past.
Flamingoes with their reflections in the distance .
The largest colony in Italy is found here in the Po Delta.
One species of many birds that use the wetlands, some for migratory purposes as the Po Delta is half way between northern Europe and Africa.
Then half way through our cycle ride ahead of us was the Adriatic sea.

The morning was beautiful for the people of the Po delta. Thank you for looking at this post. I leave you with this thought:

The river knows its way to the sea: Without a pilot it runs and falls , Blessing all lands with its charity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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