Maranello Italy – The home town of Enzo Ferrari

Whatever you decide to create or make or do, let yourself focus fully with all your ability because there is none of that, not even knowledge or wisdom in the grave where we all will go. (Sandy’s understanding and wording)

Ecclesiastical 9: 10

I will use Enzo’s words for this post. First what he said in general about himself and his life then about his work as an engineer. The photographs were all taken by me in the museum built to celebrate Ferrari.

Cars are not my passion but how people reach such heights of perfection in what they do and remain focused is of interest to me. Hence what they say is relevant in helping me understand a little of how they think.

Enzo Ferrari’s office 1940 -1980. This is reconstructed in the museum and this was on the wall.
” The best Ferrari that has ever been built is the next one.” Enzo
He was born in 1898 . Here he is with his family…
…and here he is driving his first racing car…

Here are some personal things he said:

” I consider myself weak and so I put on a kind of mask. I put it on to hide myself.”

“There is no triumph or glory in the world that is worth an inch of human skin.”

“I am convinced that when a man tells a woman that he loves her, he only means that he desires her ; and that the only total love in this world is that of a father for his son.”

This Ferrari was made in 1963 then
50 years later here is the 812 GTS

Here are some sayings about his work I have alternated them with some of his and his colleagues workmanship.

“I don’t sell cars, I sell engines . The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines.”
“I am a promoter of ideas . I have to sell ideas that will be realised by others…..” He also said ” I believe most things can be said in a few lines.”
Personally I became fascinated by the “faces” of the cars and began to photograph them like flowers. Here is another quote showing how fast he wanted them to be:
” The dreams become bigger, much bigger, to build a car that doesn’t slow in the curves , that flies without leaving the ground.”
” I have, in fact, no interest outside of racing cars”
” If I am unable to see the defects in the machines I create myself, how can I see properly into myself.”
From the front…
” The future is always in the hands of those who know how to preempt it.”
…then the back.
” I am the one who dreamt Ferrari.”

” I should like to put something new into my cars every morning- an inclination that terrifies my staff.”

2022 and his dream lives on as well as what he said.
Enzo Ferrari died in 1988.
A feel for the large area in which the cars are displayed.

“Racing cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.” Enzo

I hope you enjoyed this as much as Roy!


10 thoughts on “Maranello Italy – The home town of Enzo Ferrari

  1. I’d have enjoyed this museum as well! I have always had the ‘need for speed’ in my blood, lol. I was driving my Mustang Cobra which caught my husband’s eye. Wait, was it me or the car that caught his eye?? 😂🤣 Still a good joke!! As the car is long gone and I am still here!! 🙂


  2. I totally enjoyed this post, Sandy! We recently visited the National Corvette Museum here in the U.S as Mike’s treat and we have a post coming up soon. I don’t know a thing about engines or horsepower or any of that stuff, but I do love seeing pretty cars.


  3. My husband is a big car guy and he’d totally geek out at visiting this museum I like how you found the beauty in the “faces” and the quotes really gave me a flavor for the kind of man Enzo was. I was quite taken aback by this quote in particular: “I am convinced that when a man tells a woman that he loves her, he only means that he desires her ; and that the only total love in this world is that of a father for his son.” What an odd fellow.


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