Chur and Locarno Switzerland

“When He, the Spirit of truth, is come,” said Jesus, ” He will guide you into all truth.” (There is comfort and peace in the truth working through the Word of God.)

John 13:16
Chur in Eastern Switzerland.
A settlement history of 5,000 years.
The oldest town in Switzerland.
Half of the people speak German.
One sixth speak Italian.
One third Romansh and Ladin, survivals of an ancient Romance Language.

Tables in the shade buildings in the sunlight.
Locals enjoying their own town with the mountain in rusty leaves and green.
Let us look inside the church with a spire and a clock .
Bright light and sound.
An organ right in the front.
Someone sitting in the middle was playing it so as to make the pipes fill the whole building.
This is the Church of St.Martin.

Then the Cathedral of Saint Mary 1154-1270 renovated completely 2001

Then us infront of lake Maggiore.
A morning full of blue and a distance of mountains… with Bess interested in a stick at our feet.


The work of Jan Arp (1886 – 1966) . Tactile reproductions of his work.

This park is evidence of a sculptor loved by his city, which the year he died dedicated this lake side garden in memory of him.
His wife then placed these tactile reproduction sculptures in it.
In 1954 he received the International Sculpture Prize and in 1963, in Paris, he was awarded the Grand Prix National des Arts.
A man who had a passion for what he did.
A flower really close up. One of many filling the small beds here and there near his reproduced sculptures.
You can enlarge this to see more about him and his life.
Back to Chur I really want you to see this.
Look carefully at the left of the picture. There is a painting of an elderly gentleman sitting with a fishing rod ready to bring a fish in from the real, restless water below. Notice the mountains have fingers of snow gripping their tops. No summer sun has taken it from their bald heads.
A bright day in Chur!

Thank you for looking with us at Chur, Locarno, then Chur in Switzerland.

sandyroybessbugsy 🤗❤🥰🙂

7 thoughts on “Chur and Locarno Switzerland

  1. Such a cute little town. That pairing at the end🤩. Wish I could hear the organ!
    You guys are looking good!


  2. What a beautiful blue the sky was Sandy🙏🏻 Thank you for all you share Very interesting things! You and Roy look great… like two people in holiu😇 Wow you are travelling great distances You better hurry if you want to catch up with us in Dubrovnik tomorrow 😜🤣Our last day before we travel back to the UK on Wednesday 🥹


  3. My husband and I were able to visit Lucerne for about a week and I absolutely feel in love with Switzerland. These are some remarkable photos. I’m really taken with the one of the mural of the fisherman. Not only is that incredible art, but the water and the mountains adds such a beautiful peaceful to the photo.


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