A few hours in Luxembourg

Tighten up how you think, don’t let your thoughts become drunk and all over the place. Stay focused on what is good and hope to the end for God’s Grace brought to you by Jesus being revealed to your mind.

1Peter 1:13 (Sandy’s understanding.)
Yellow dahlia and verbena a welcome sight in the capital of the second richest country in the world.
Money from the steel industry and 147 banks.
Today we enjoyed free rides on the spacious clean trams with Bess. (our dog).
We could have used busses and trains as well. There is a relaxed clean feel about the city with the same name as the country.
It was neither busy nor ignored. A place to be pleased with.
It’s bastions and historic city are a Unesco World Heritage site…
While it’s valley of the Petrusse is a belt of trees along the river and down from the town, a vast park designed by a French architect Edouard Andre.
This makes the city feel part of nature.

Then there is Luxembourg’s modern free museum. What was special was how close you could come to the exhibits.
This is a painting by Peintre Flamand.
It is called “Christ carrying the cross”. Press on the picture and make it bigger. See if you can spot Him amongst the detail of all the activities of the people in the crowds.

If depth is what you like press on this next painting…
The only sculpture I saw, such a sweet , tender couple by Tito Angelini (1806-1878) comissioned by a Swiss banker and executed in 1857- 1860, but just wait this is the story.
The two people are named. Francesca de Rimin (1255 -1285) and Paolo Malatesta (1246- 1285). Yes, they both died in 1285 killed with a dagger. A man killed his wife and his brother for adultery. This story was told by Dante Alighieri in 1320 and became a popular subject with artists and writers. I didn’t expect that story.

Then there was an exhibition of some photographs taken by Edward Steichen 1879-1973. All gelatin and silver print.

It was here before but was added to, to show solidarity with the Ukraine. It was a painful exhibition. Red seemed to be the colour.

The Rape of Europe
Maxim Kantor on Putin’s Russia
(Works 1992 – 2022)
press on the pictures to see more detail. I personally found it unpleasant.
It was good to be back on the street for …
the changing of the guards for the Grand Duke, Henri Albert Gabriel Felux Marie Guillaume. He is the only Grand Duke in the world.
A maze of a day!

Thank you for being with us for a while! We are just passing through this rain washed very clean city.

Sandy πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “A few hours in Luxembourg

  1. I’m absolutely in love with the first photo with the dahlias. It’s stunning! All the artwork is interesting, but I was drawn to the statue and story by Tito Angelini. Fascinating.


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