Chequers, St Peter and St Paul’s and The Russel Arms.

Christ came as a personal Saviour to the world. He represented a personal God. He ascended on high as a personal Saviour and will come again as He ascended to heaven a personal Saviour.

E.G. White
Chequers the country home of whoever is Prime Minister at the time. (It is run and managed by an independent trust for the PM’s official and private use.)
Yesterday as we walked past it was being protected for Borris Johnson but it could be either Lizz Truss or Rushi Sunak’s country home by 7th October. It was given for this purpose by Sir Arthur Lee in 1921 when David Lloyd George was Prime Minister. What was the reason for this act of kindness ? Here are some of Lord Lees reasons and hopes of what Chequers would do for the Prime Minister.

His main reason was to give any Prime Minister from any class or condition in life the experience of living in the country.(He didn’t want the experience to depend on his salary or be limited by it).

Sir Lee hoped the fresh air would improve the PM’s health and his contact with nature would give him a sense of proportion between the claims of the town and country. Chequers would also give him a sense of history and hopefully help him to realise the importance of continuity.

The Church most connected to Chequers is St.Peters and St.Paul’s (also known as The Ellesborough Church, The church on the Hill ).

The kind ladies of this church were selling tea and cake this weekend from 2pm on Sunday and Monday. We enjoyed cake while sitting in the pews where people of power over the years had sat. While sitting there ones eyes were drawn to a monument by Maximilian Colt to Bridget, but look inside the church first…

Pews where tea and cake were served after 2pm…
Bridget’s monument by Maximilian Colt.(1576-1646 A Flemish sculptor who settled in England and rose to become the King’s master carver.)

After William Hawtrey’s death in 1597 ownership of the 16th Century Manor House of Chequers eventually passed to his younger granddaughter Bridget. Bridget married Sir Henry Croke in 1608 but then died 30 years later. The Crokes were a legal family and the inscription is all in Latin. According to information on a brochure in the church there is an interesting sentence which taken in context is said to be a compliment. I leave you to decide.

“Feminae nihil habens nisi sexum” in translation this means, ” there is nothing feminine about her save her sex”.

Further down the road for quite a way …

past some quaint cottages you come to…
The Russel Arms. A very special pub bought by the local community in April 2012 to preserve its use for future generations.

Roy and I enjoyed scouting a new walk for next Sabbath and I guess these are destinations reached which we won’t necessarily see on our walk. Chequers is not open to the public and the church and pub aren’t on the path we will take the walkers on, it would make it too long.

It is an interesting world with people like kind Sir Lee influencing us still . Have a blessed day whenever you read this.

Sandy 😊

10 thoughts on “Chequers, St Peter and St Paul’s and The Russel Arms.

    1. I must say I also wondered. Here are some of my ideas: A little humour! 🤣 It gets good light, people also walk past when going out to the beautiful pub garden. There is also a play on Lords and Ladies as it is more than likely used by the PM and friends. It is a pub owned by the whole community so I guess they all feel equal. I wonder if you have any other…

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  1. I think it would add to the walk if you send this piece to all the walkers now – they will appreciate the walk even more.


  2. Loved this post! So interesting. And Bridget 😂. Mmmmmm well… how ‘woke’ are you??? 🤣. Now if I could go on those walks… Enjoy for me.


    1. Wouldn’t that be special if you could come. It may rain and the chalk down hills are treacherous when wet. We will see how things go. We need the rain so not wishing it away. Thank you for looking.


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