East Wittering and Salterns way.

Jesus was sleeping during a storm out at sea. His disciples thought they were going to drown. When they woke Jesus up He calmed the waters and asked them a question. “Why are you so fearful? Why don’t you have faith?”

The question they then asked each other was: ” What kind of man is this that even the wind and the sea obey him?”

What kind of man is Jesus to you?

Mark 5:39-41 (Sandy’s understanding)
East Wittering beach made of large smooth pebbles of brown, grey, cream and white…
…with kite surfing in an active wind

In still moments by the sea life seems large – drawn and simple . It is there we can look into ourselves.

Rolf Edberg Swedish author 1912-1997

The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place .

Rachel Carson 1907-1964 American Marine Biologist and the author of ‘Silent Springs’.

Salters way is a well signed cycle way of 12 miles which starts in Chichister and ends in West Wittering. We did a section of it, doing 12miles instead of 24 miles.

The paths had varying fields beside them. Here the brown path with golden stubble…
and here some stalks left from a field of greens (smelling of old cabbages) with the sky in the colour of the chicory flowers growing in pleasing sprays over the tall brown weeds. (Our skies have been grey today. Not that I am complaining!) Then lunch…
livestock gates… Bess managed to run a few miles then panting enjoyed a ride with Roy.

Thank you for looking at my post. 😊

6 thoughts on “East Wittering and Salterns way.

  1. Lovely! A soothing post. One of my favourite Bible stories too. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us. 🥰


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