Sunflowers not from my garden (France?)

There is a story Jesus told about an amazing party where all the important people were invited. However, each one of these people had a reasonable excuse, so being creative, the host went into the street and just invited anyone who would like some delicious food.

Luke 14 : 16-24 (Sandy’ s words)
(Jesus is inviting us today, heavenly angels are working with humans, the Holy Spirit is using all the ways possible for you to accept the invitation, unbolt the door to your heart and say yes I want to be in your kingdom dearest Jesus.)
In this photo we were driving past fields of sunflowers in France on our way back from Spain, the shadow of Bugzy clipping the grass. How lovely these sunflowers must look now or will look in a few weeks time.

I would love to think my sun flowers are from France and that I saw them when they were knee high. What a coincidence that would be.

Three sunflowers with dried curry plant flowers round the stems.

Flowers have an expression of countenance just like men or animals .

Some seem to smile;

Some have a sad expression;

Some are pensive and diffident

others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad – faced sunflower…

Henry Ward Beecher

The sunflower is mine, in a way .

Vincent Van Gogh

Turn your face to the sun, and shadows follow behind you.

Maori Proverb

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.

Helen Keller

Advice from a sunflower.

Be bright, sunny and positive

Know your roots.

Spread seeds of happiness.

Rise, shine and hold your head up high.

Keep on growing. Even on the darkest days, stand tall and find the sunlight.

The delicate dry, end shape of what is left of the curry plant flower. (I placed these dry flowers in the stones which are holding a bottle of water for the sunflowers .)
Mid stage.
As they started out all yellow and fluffy.

Have a blessed time wherever you are and take care. Thank you for looking at my post.

Sandyroybessbugzy 😊

4 thoughts on “Sunflowers not from my garden (France?)

  1. Sunflowers are superb. Love your arrangement. Amazing quote from Helen Keller considering she was blind (and deaf…).


  2. My favourite colour is yellow! Beautiful sunflowers always turned towards the sun What lovely quotes you have added to your post πŸ™πŸ» Makes my think πŸ˜‡ Thank you Sandy x


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