Memories continued : More about Shelly and Dad is knocked over.

Know that the Lord is God, He made us and we didn’t make ourselves, we are His, like sheep in His pasture, Go to Him, thank Him and bless His name. Because his mercy lasts forever and His truth endures for all generations.

Psalm 100 : 3-5
(in Sandy’s understanding)

Shelly was practising the piano for eistedfords, exams and her lessons. When it was cold she ran the hot tap and soaked her hands before starting her practice at 5am. At that time I was completing my homework or revising for a test, Dad was out running with the dogs and mom was ‘trying’ to get more sleep. Mom’s stints of night duty often mixed up her sleep patterns and night brings on worries more strongly than the day. She was a worrier.

During this time of early morning routine the seeds were sown for what happened next. Shelly’s remarkable ability for her age, to not only play the piano well but sensitively interpret the composers’ work, was acknowledged. She was offered a bursary to study music in London at The Royal Academy. However, my parents felt that at sixteen she was too young to go so far away and her painful times were still undiagnosed . She wasn’t able to take that opportunity and life for Shelly did not go fully in the direction of becoming a performer.

It was during this time of routine that one afternoon, with the sun sending shadows over the garden, a jeep drew up to our gate. Out of it got a man in uniform who then went to the passenger side and helped my Dad out. Dad was splattered with blood. Mom went to the verandah and as Dad carefully took the only step up, Mom fainted. There she was pale on the dark cold cement floor with a dish cloth in her hand. I stood between them. Taking the other arm of my Dad I took him to sit on a chair and then went back to Mom. The lying down on the cool of the cement must have revived her because I don’t remember doing anything more for her. That night , probably 2am , Dad had some dreadful pains in his back. Mum left us girls and took him into hospital. I don’t remember feeling worried about being alone our concerns were for Dad. Mom returned that morning and Dad later that afternoon.

Dear Dad, careful and routine loving, must have looked left, right and left again but still missed seeing a car which flung him over the bonnet , from one side to the other. We were relieved that the accident hadn’t been worse.

“They are funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.”


And in another way!

“Nobody finishes well by accident.”

John C. Maxwell.

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