Poitier to Dieppe

Can a woman forget the child she gave birth to? She might. ( but very unlikely) Well, God will never forget you.(Sandy’s wording)

Isaiah 49: 15

Today we travelled in Bugzy all day from Poitier to Dieppe, with a break in Chateaudun.   Chateaudun was a very quiet town at 1pm,  painted in cream, grey or white with shutters at the windows mostly in blue / grey / green in the palest of colours and closed. Then on the road again…

Some French sayings :

Battre le fer pendent qu’ il est chaud.

Strike the iron while it is hot.

(take opportunities when they come your way)

Ce n’est pas la mer a boire.

It is not as if you have to drink the sea. ( It is not that difficult)

Back to the white cliffs and beaches of the English Channel/ La Manche ( the sleeve .)
…and houses well back from the sea.

Things (travels) end but memories last forever.

Kumar Milan

The best things in life are

the people we love,

the places we’ve been,

and the memories we’ve

made along the way.

May we continue to make good memories for others and ourselves every day. Sandy 🤗

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