Poitiers after time travelling from Igledo

Jesus was asked if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar. Jesus then asked for a penny and said:

” Whose is the image and superscription?”

They said to him: “Caesar’s”.

Jesus then said : “Give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is God’s.”

Matthew 22: 18-21 (the law of God is only kept when humanity unites with divinity)
The fields have yellow wheat and sunflowers a knee high in France. (How spectacular to one day see the whole field of sunflower buds slowly open to the sun)

It was raining as we started our journey but soon clouds were sailing by.


In French history the most famous and greatest of  battles was fought here in 732 when Charles Martel halted the Arab invasion.

The town of Poitiers thrived during the reign of Jean de Berry (1340-1416).

Poitiers is still a university town and a major centre for learning which started in 1431.

The cafes and streets cater for students by the type of shops and food.
Notre – Dame – la – Granda.
A master piece of 12th century Poitevin sculpture, particularly its detailed outside.
Ah, this child was pretending to be a gargoyle.  A wonderful addition to the detail!

Baptistery St-Jean

Here in the centre is a 4th century polygonal  building one of the oldest Christian buildings in Europe. The whole building is lower than ground level so you walk…
…an ancient eight sided baptismal pool used for full – immersion baptisim up until the 8th century. 

Musee Sainte-Croix  all these were found in Poitier

This is a glimpse of three places in this fascinating city of Poitier in France. There is so much more.

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