Montanejos and Viver in Valencia Spain

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the Lamb… And they shall see His face , and His name will be in their foreheads. ( their thoughts will be right and in harmony with God because that is how they chose to think on earth with His help and forgiveness. 🙂Sandy ‘s thinking )

( Christ, the heavenly Teacher, will lead His people to the tree of life that grows on either side of the river of life, and He will explain to them the truths they could not in this life understand. That will be great.)

Revelations 22:1…4 Ezekiel 47 : 12

No mosquitoes biting and we have left the sound of the sea. Here in the mountains olive trees dominate the land scape and the air is filled with the smell of pines. It’s cooler now that the sun is going down. It was a hot downward rough walk to the natural pools and then a journey in Bugzy to a camp site in the mountains. Not all campsites are open yet so we did a lot of unintentional site seeing covering a lot more of the mountain passes than we expected.

The dam with a mountain path down to
…Montanejos natural pools which were a 40 minute walk from the dam…
Then a mountain stream on our journey up some high mountain passes.
Olive trees and mountains.
Heading towards Viver. It is difficult to know exactly where we are. (not unusual for me!😅)

You can’t argue with a river, it is going to flow. You can dam it up? put it to useful purposes? deflect it, but you can’t argue with it.

Dean Acheson

God is a great underground river that no one can dam up and no one can stop.

Meister Eckhart

Words, like tranquil waters behind a dam, can become reckless and uncontrollable torrents of destruction when released without caution and wisdom.

William Arthur Ward
This will be the area we will get to know for a while..

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you all experience a little of our days here in Spain on the roads we travel. It has been very hot!

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