A memory of a long hot sandy beach and Dad

As a father has compassion for His children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.

Psalm 103: 13
Today this is the beach of Peniscola Catalonia with Peniscola Castle in the distance.

On a day like today at Peniscola beach it is easy to remember a VW beetle car, George and the mile long beach of King’s beach, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Port Elizabeth was the seaside city we spent our holidays at. Kings beach was one of two beaches frequented by campers. The other beach, Humewood, was well shaded by a promenade. 

My sister and I had met George at church and quite unexpectedly the following day he and his friend, who we didn’t know, arrived in their VW beetle.  George walked up to dad greeted him in a friendly way and said “We’ve come to go for a swim with Sandy and Shelly. ” I don’t think Dad had a “routine”  for this because he said something which must have sounded like that it was fine and we got in the back of the VW.

We got out the car at King’s beach which had no shelter from the sun.  It was a surfers ideal beach.  A sweep of soft golden sand with a very gentle gradient into the water and good waves. 

We had just put our towels on the beach. George’s friend had scratch marks on his back and he was complaining how sore they felt in the sun.  George was laughing at him and I was uncomfortable about how he got them.

Then in the haze of the heat shimmering on the beach I saw a small figure coming closer.  It was dear Dad with a hat on.  He walked up to George and said : ” This beach is far too hot for my girls. They are coming home.”

We went back with Dad relieved and bemused. Thank you Dad for having second thoughts and always taking such good care of us.

A long stretch of sand in the sun looking in the opposite direction from the castle.

When my father didn’t have my hand he had my back.

Linda Poindexter

My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.

Peniscola Castle is on a crag overlooking the Mediterranean sea at an altitude of 64m. It is medieval and built by the knights Templar on the remains of an old Moorish Citadel. We are no longer in Catalonia but Valencia Spain

Thank you for reading my memory of a day as a teenage girl now in a place so foreign yet beautiful that it all came back in a moment. George found a lovely wife and I hope his friend has a happy story to tell too.

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