Sea, sand, sun and no volley ball πŸ˜Š

Divine power is provided for every soul struggling for the victory over sin…justification means that the conscience no longer depends on self promoting works to heal it but receives the blessing of sanctification. Sanctification means continual talking with God.

“Do we then do away with the Law? God forbid we establish the law.”

Romans 3:31
The rope that protects the wild vegetation from the ‘sand loving ‘us. This beach is 5 miles from Barcelona Airport. Here are some of the plants blooming on the other side of the rope…
Treasure flower growing in the sand. It is related to the sunflower and is sometimes called the Cape dandelion because it originates from the Cape Province South Africa.
Upward facing, trumpet-shaped , pink with five white stripes Convolvulus soldanella. This needs sharp drainage and is only found on the coast. It is related to bind weed but needs such special conditions that it won’t become a garden weed. Names for it are scotch scurvy grass, sea bells, sea coal, foal foot.
Sea Medick is a neat plant with grey felty leaves which appear at regular intervals along the stems in a herringbone pattern. It grows exclusively in coastal areas throughout the Mediterranean. The yellow flowers appear from March to June. ( Nature loves grey and yellow.)
Four people were playing a game with bats and a small hard ball. The net looked too narrow for volley ball. 😊

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Jacques Cousteau
Bess stretched out. She is so much part of our days and makes friends anywhere.

I hope your day finds these moments special on the sands of time near Barcelona.


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