A memory of Townsend Girls’ High School.

By this shall all people know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another.

John 13:35

While once a month we spent a weekend on the farm our week days were spent focused on school work. My focus was to prove that I could work at a faster pace in one of the A streams. There were a thousand girls and each form had 9 streams. (C3, C2,C1, B3, B2, B1,Alpha, A1 and A2). I started at C2 so I had a lot to prove and I did. Within two years I was in B1 and once in sixth form I was in A1.

It was good for me. I took nothing for granted. Every test was there to prove that I was capable of learning more in a faster paced stream and then to do really well in the exams. This challenge was intense and my parents did not seem to mind but I did. I gave myself a routine and kept to it. Looking back at this from 50 years away I am quite surprised at what I achieved.

At about the time I started high school I chose Christ as my personal Saviour and I was baptised by emersion. It was first thing in the morning that I would read a verse and pray and it was by doing this, that I soon knew that my best time to revise for a test that day was also early in the morning. I was not a night owl.

I enjoyed all my subjects particularly Scottish dancing which was part of our PE. It was taught by a teacher from Scotland and she made it fun with competitions. Assembly was held every morning with prayers and songs. They were beautiful moments. A thousand girls’ voices together was a moment of unity I won’t ever forget. Then discipline was through 6th form prefects and form/class captains. The idea was to keep things safe and comfortable for everyone. The teachers each had their own rooms and we moved at the sound of an old war siren. It was good to get up and walk to another room that reflected the personality of our teacher. ( All our teachers in the whole school were women except for one man.🤣) No running in the corridor, all on the left. Remembering this time of changing class I am amazed at how orderly we all were!

“Those were the days , my friend, we thought they would never end… “

4 thoughts on “A memory of Townsend Girls’ High School.

  1. Another wonderful childhood memory. You describe so vividly that I feel myself transported to that beautiful place in time along side of you. The way you elaborate every detail is simply amazing. Such an innocent blessed fun moment in time. Thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary childhood memories with us. Many blessings to you dear Sandy always. 🙏🙏❤👍👌🤗🤗

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  2. Ah, this took me back… Miss Gilchrist was the dancing teacher. She must have liked you. She didn’t like me. Those were special years. Thank you for reminding me. Remember cycling to school… and you singing “Those were the days my friend… “. I’m so glad you were my big sister. 🥰


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