Some black thorn blossom and an etching

The work of righteousness will be peace,

and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.

Isaiah 32:17

After living so close to the mountains in my sister’s home, this picture caught my eye in a second hand shop at £4. Its detail of small lines giving light and shade, plus the twig of distinctiveness in the corner drew my attention. I have just now researched it and the person who spent time on the original was truly skilled. He was born in 1872 and died in 1936. This is a signed copy of one of his etchings.

Blackthorn/ Hawthorn and an etching by Albany E Howarth

Are the twigs blackthorn or hawthorn.

Well with blackthorn, it is flowers before leaves, but with the Hawthorn, it is leaves before flowers…

I shall not find a painting more beautiful because the artist has painted a Hawthorn in the foreground, though I know of nothing more beautiful than the Hawthorn, for I wish to remain sincere and because I know that the beauty of a painting does not depend on things represented in it. I shall not collect images of Hawthorn. I do not venerate Hawthorn,

I go to see and smell it.

Marcel Proust.
These small vases are a gift from my grand- children’s great-great grandmother. Cheap but precious.
This photograph is of my mum Norreen’s mum and dad. The lady (Mildred (Milly) ) is the one who gave me the vases.
Blackthorn blossom, a little wind blown but with some anthers full of pollen. This plant is so thorny that it protects hundreds of other little plants under it. I think I can safely say I saw flowers before leaves.😉

If our minds are

stayed upon God ,

His peace will rule the

affairs entertained

by our minds.

Woodrow Kroll

8 thoughts on “Some black thorn blossom and an etching

  1. What marvelous wonders Sandy. The painting, the vases, the flowers and your wonderful loving parents. Thank you for sharing all of God beautiful creations with all of us. May you have a blessed beautiful day. 🙏👍❤🤗


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