Day 6 South Africa: last morning in the Kruger

Lord, you are my God;

I will exalt you and praise your name,

for in perfect faithfulness

you have done wonderful things,

things planned long ago.

Isaiah 25 : 1
A Hornbill taking insects from under the windscreen wipers. The bird became a little more uncertain of me as I came really close with my phone camera.
Looking out over the Olifants / Obalule River which flows into the Limpopo. This river flows through South Africa and Mozambique.
A buffalo cooling itself.
One final good bye to the lions from the night safari and…
…the dear mummy monkey eating marula fruit with her baby looking up at me as I came as close as I dared.🤗❤

True worship is open to God

adoring God, waiting for God,

trusting God even in the dark.

10 thoughts on “Day 6 South Africa: last morning in the Kruger

  1. Wow what an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing. It’s such a blessing to be able to witness all of God’s beautiful creations in all their wonder.🙏🤗

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    1. Oh Kelly this is so special. I am in the country of my childhood even though I have spent 43 years in Britain these creatures are part of my memories and I do love them. God is good. I am also spending time with my father who Bill who is 93.🤗🤗❤Thank you for liking and commenting.xx

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      1. Oh Sandy What a marvelous blessing to have a parent at that age 93 Wow! May God’s blessing of long life be bestowed upon all of us. Thank you for always inspiring and shinning a ray of hope and positiveness to all of us. Have a wonderful blessed day! 🙏🙂

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  2. That buffalo is really clever😜 Only way to keep cool in the heat up in the north of SA especially indeed So glad you are having a good time and seeing the animals

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