Day 4 South Africa Kruger

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16 : 3
We are a hundred miles from Hoedspruit and being further from the mountains it is much warmer. This is my first picture of an elephant in the Kruger.

A night safari.

Our guide, ranger and driver for the 12 of us gave us a night to remember. She was firm about safety and her humour was superb!
My brother-in-law was thrilled to have seen Casper the ghost lion that afternoon and our guide didn’t waver in taking us back to the spot where he had seen this blue eyed lion.
Casper is a famous 7 year old white lion that many who come to the Kruger want to see.
Casper the ghost lion that lives in the Kruger
In this video Casper is looking at his paws. Notice how wounded he is . Apparently other lions bully him because he is different. A good thing is he was born into a family with other males and these brothers never fight with each other.
The elephant approaching smelt awful. Our guide said that he was in musth. Healthy bull elephants become very aggressive when they go into musth because the glands between the eyes and the ears swell causing intense pain. These glands also produce a liquid that stains the cheeks black. To subdue this intense pain the elephant shows aggression towards all other animals near him.
A tree full of vultures waiting for their turn at a giraffe kill where a few lions were still busy.
Just near the tree with vultures was an African wild cat. Seldom seen. Notice the insects drawn to the light. It was a night to remember.

Science is the process of thinking God’s thoughts after Him.

Johannes Kepler

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