Boxwood, redclaws and cockspur. Little leaves on each stem making up a small wall of green.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1
These three make up a little hedge. One which is showing its age at 30 years old. Woven into it is Honeysuckle and self seeded holly as well as some big leaves of laurel which I try to pull out.

I wish potters would put their names on their work. Here is an example of thin delicate pottery with no name. Someone used their hands to shape it and fire it. It was not just there, it had to have been a thought. I bought it from my favourite charity shop.
Redclaws / red escallonia
Evergreen, glossy, leathery leaves. Animal like with their claws out.
Boxwood is usually glossy green but this 30 year old plant is a bit yellow. It is said that if box leaves turn yellow the plant is lacking iron. I am lucky to have these boxwood plants as Box tree caterpillar has caused serious problems in large parts of England and much of our box has been taken out. There are 90 different varieties one of which has yellow green leaves. These leaves look healthy so maybe this is the variety I have in our little wall of green.
Little blunted leaves of the deepest green I just doubt the name
rockspra rosaceae.

Faith isn’t earned it is a gift of God, which we may receive and cherish by making Christ our personal Saviour. We may refuse the gift and talk doubts, and become unhappy by cherishing unbelief. But this will grow into an impassable barrier, shutting us away from the Spirit of God and closing our hearts to His light and His love.

E.G White

2 thoughts on “Boxwood, redclaws and cockspur. Little leaves on each stem making up a small wall of green.

  1. You have an amazing collection of beautiful vases! I’ve never heard of boxwood – must look it up.
    Very important quote at the end. Thank you for sharing it.


    1. My pleasure always Shelly. Monte Don a well loved TV presenter has an enormous beautiful garden where he has made many gardening programs from. He had some wonderful round balls of boxwood covering a big area. Topiary which I know is not your favourite but it did look wonderful with frost or snow on. Google his name and boxwood. He had to take it all out and burn it.😒😒 He also wrote a beautiful book the title “Nigel.” All about his dog Nigel. His use of language is superb.


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