Browning Buddleia, Bottle brush seed pods and the very last of yellow yarrow 2021

For we know that the whole creation groans and agonizes in pain together until now.

Romans 8: 22
3 Curved drying Buddleia flowers rising. Eucalyptus leaves from a new plant I want to keep as a shrub. 2 yellow yarrow the last of them from summer 2021 picked on the day puddles froze.
Firstly notice the intricate nibble marks on the Buddleia leaf at this time of year I am ok with that.May it hibernate well. Then there are the brown intricate seed pods of Bottlebrush. A reminder of my childhood home, where the back fence separating our garden from the neighbour’s had a row of densely growing bottlebrush trees. They can grow as a shrub or a tree (0.5 to 4m heigh) In late spring their fluffy, red, cylindrical flowers used to hang down in curtains heavy with pollen and scent. These flowers are irresistible to nectar feeding birds, butterflies and insects. The bottlebrush has green pointy leaves in contrast of colour to the red flowers but a perfect match in size and shape. This plant grows well with at least 6 hours of full sun. Most are frost tolerant. They are fast growing. Ours is at least 30 years old and takes heavy pruning about every 3 or 4 years.
This vase is a SYLVAC vase made between 1960 and 1970. It was last used in August flowers, a post that had Bears breeches, Cardoon and fresh white Buddleia in it. In that post I photographed the vase from the proud bird side. These Buddleia are a brown winter version of the white and are from the same plant.
Fig leaves frozen in a bucket. Our first freeze 2021 and the ice didn’t melt at all today!
A second container with a leaf bubble. I only saw this after I took the picture and put my finger in. This is nature’s arrangement! ❤

God said to Adam, and to all the descendants of Adam, in the sweat of your face you will eat bread, for from now on the earth must be worked under the drawback of sin. There is no place on earth where there is no evidence of this. The whole earth is defiled by its inhabitants. The curse is increasing where sin is increasing. EG White 13 Feb.1900.

2 thoughts on “Browning Buddleia, Bottle brush seed pods and the very last of yellow yarrow 2021

  1. What a cool ice arrangement! 😆. Really beautiful. Yours is lovely too. Love that vase. I have a biggish green one that was Mommy’s. I’ll give it to you when you come. (Must just find where I put it🤔)


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