My autobiography in 433? words. Starting with a definite unknown date and ending with a known date.

Us . Young, married and walking into our shared future!

I once asked a Lady Hospital Chaplin the question: ” How do people die?” Her reply was rather quick: ” The same way they live.”

So I start my autobiography with these simple sentences: I want to die graciously not wanting more time nor regretting what I have had. I want to die in the peace of God’s presence. I want to die alone. (I could never let go of my family). I have 7 more years until I am the same age as my mother.

Now for the life filled years. Our present travels in Bugzy are a joy made available by an inheritance from Mom, once Dad died. Mom died at the age of 92 and Dad 98. We value this opportunity to travel as we do our experiences with them when they were alive.

My husband and I both became ill from covid 19 during the first lock down. Dad Brian was discharged from hospital and my husband helped him. Brian was then readmitted with covid 19 and we were both ill. This was in April and Brian died in the May.

Our greatest joy has always been to travel. After our tithes and expenses we always put aside money to do this. There was little to save at the beginning but little by little we were able to increase these funds especially once the children finished university.

Our family time when travelling with parents, our children’s grandparents, was often spent in walking. A shared joy. We did this in various combinations with either 1, 2 or 3 of our elderly parents. My mother only travelled around England and a little of Europe but with the others we experienced some of France, Malta, Italy, Egypt, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Colombia, Madeira and then we also walked many of the paths in and around where we live with them.

As a young mum I was always at home with my children and worked when they were at school. My one regret is that I may have been absent in thought when I was with them. I love the way some parents are so aware of their children’s perception of the world.

What of my early married life. There is a lot but in short Roy and I met when I sat next to him in a mathematics class. We married 3 years later.

My childhood was eventful but in brief I was born to a Mum who was a hospital Matron and a Dad who was a nurse in training. I was told I took my first steps on the sands near where they lived. This is my known date 7April 1956. What a privilege to live by the name of Sandy!πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “My autobiography in 433? words. Starting with a definite unknown date and ending with a known date.

  1. How special is that?! My wonderful sister – just make sure that end date is very far into the future, ok! You’ve always been my hero. πŸ₯°


  2. Sandy what a delight to read your concise autobiography What joy wonderful memories play in our lives Well done!


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