Oak leaves, just a few, and small yellow centered Chrysanthemums

“Jesus wept”. ( John 11: 35, Luke 19:41, Hebrews 5: 7-9)

A few oak leaves changing colour and a little weather worn.
October four years ago, I went and picked up acorns from under an ancient Oak tree in Popeswood Meadow.
The acorns germinated well and are sturdy plants now. They grew so well that three have grown together. I did see an oak growing in a pot on a barge once so I believe they can grow into a shrub. Oaks need enormous amounts of land to grow in as they send out many roots to their sides rather than depending on a very long tap root to anchor them . This past summer, when we had strong winds, an oak fell while we were walking and another walker warned us that she had witnessed the happening and that we shouldn’t go into the park. When I did go to see this fallen giant, I was surprised how shallow the hole was for such an enormous tree. The large quantity of wood, of significant weight, was evident when it was lying on its side and I felt really sad. My hope was that it would be seasoned and used by craftsmen who would respect the loss of this time traveller of a giant. It
having been there for possibly a hundred years. During that time it had, had the privilege to grow to its full intended potential in size and shape something very few acorns have the space to do. Thinking of that giant of a tree I really didn’t want to take too many stems off my 4 year old trees. Hence just a few oak leaves.
The majestic tree that fell around the 24th May 2021. This picture does not do it justice.
The Chrysanthemums blooming in the garden are so colourful with their bright yellow centres and pink petals.
This was them a month ago. How intriguing their change.
A basket full of them. A little weather tossed but perfect in colours. The basket is the one that made the shadow in beautiful Montpellier. This was a market buy there.

Our loving God is truly “touched with the feeling of our infirmities” (Hebrews 4:15)

9 thoughts on “Oak leaves, just a few, and small yellow centered Chrysanthemums

  1. What a gorgeous little arrangement. Such lovely coloured flowers. Please be careful of the trees – I’d hate one to fall on you….
    Interesting re potted oak.
    Happy day to you.


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