France Day 23 Our last cycle ride and the first 110 miles on a direct route home.

A gift from Shelly…
The beautiful shade of green going to yellow with grey going to pink then the blue of the water and wonderful sky. We left at 10am and returned by 3:30 to leave our “campingcar” site by 4pm.
So pleased to have seen the Greater Flamingos. They were dotted about and as graceful as ever. If you can’t see them believe me they are there.
Beautiful Greater Flamingos
Some of the birds we could have seen.
Bess was able to run free on good dedicated cycle paths that were not at all busy.
On entering Lates we cycled past these groupings of topiary swans.
A farmer tilling his land.
A hillside in a very flat area where Bess spent time in her seat on Roy’s bike because the cycle path was next to the road.Then through the happy town of Palavas and at Bugzy by 3:30pm. Farewell to the blue Mediterranean on a wonderfully sunny day. The bicycles are back in their carriers and we are going home.

The road home 670 miles

  Viaduc de Millau to encourage us home. A magnificent structure with 7 Piers and the road is 20m thick. It is the tallest in the world and spans the Tarn valley. Construction started in 2001 and it was completed in 3 years. Costing €394 million. We had to pay €35 to cross it.
It is less dramatic in this photograph through the windscreen.
This picture taken from the Aire is a little better. We have parked up for the night a little further on from this in an Aire just below the rather noisy motorway. We have completed 120 miles since 4:00pm this included filling up with diesel and navigating town areas. Tomorrow morning it is up and away back on the motorway. Home is calling!
…to encourage Sandy.

4 thoughts on “France Day 23 Our last cycle ride and the first 110 miles on a direct route home.

  1. A lovely last day. Have enjoyed travelling with you and my geography has improved. It’s all so very different from our world. Drive carefully. As I said before I think we need a bugzy and a Bess.


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