France days 19 and 20: Sete a city a little like Venice and walking le petit travers near Montpellier.

To Sandy…
We did not stay in Sete but in an Aire about 5miles out at Frontignan. it was already dark when we arrived and I was concerned at the amount of water surrounding where we slept. The next morning we
cycled on dedicated cycle roads around this area…
…in many places there was just the road and cycle path with water on both sides. On the ride back the wind had picked up and was sweeping across the water. Good for kite surfing but hard cycling.
On our return the Common Reed, fluffy fleabane and pink Shrubby Sea-blite, growing all around where we had cycled and Bugzy, just had to be remembered in a special way. So here it is in a 1920s coffee pot bought from a French Sunday market before we left Montsoreau on the Loire.
A metal bridge welcomed us to Sete. This bridge can lift up from one side to allow tall sailing ships through.
Someone’s eye catching home that ran down the walls and onto a colourful built in sofa! Wonderful freedom of expression in Sete.
An octopus fountain in the square we had lunch in. We were too late for lunch in most restaurants “the octopus has all been eaten” I was told and by another they had no vegetarian option but I could go to the market and they would prepare what I brought back. I think if I had not felt tired from cycling in the morning I would have seen what they would do.
This was pleasant enough with warm melting cheese and pine nuts.
A visit to the bakery for Roy’s desert and ginger icecream for me was a good end to the meal.

Le petit travers

From Shelly.

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