Day 12 France: Domme a bastile/fortified medieval town. Rocamadour a medieval cliff top village. Day 13 Sabbath walk

Domme was founded as a stronghold in 1281 by Philip the Bold following his campaign along the Dordogne River. This town was privileged enough to mint its own currency in 1307. It prospered during the 17th century and then declined which facilitated its preservation for us to appreciate today.

The Dordogne River with farmer’s fires providing a white smoke in the distance as seen from the walls of Domme. The town built by the French changed hands with the English several times during the Hundred Years War (1347 – 1437) In 1437it went back to the French.
A return to Bugzy and an Aire ( a parking area for motor homes here in France costing €10) outside the walls of Domme. It was ‘popular’with 5 vehicles.
A last late morning look at a street in Domme leading to a gate in the wall.
Travel and an appreciation of Walnut trees growing in abundance. There were straight rows of them in groups of maybe 50/60 like students ready for a lecture all of them in autumn colours. Here and there farmers were mechanically shaking them and picking up the nuts much like lecturers at exam time.
Quiet roads and kind people with no hooting / blowing of horns when we made mistakes…


Bess meeting other dogs near the gates of Rocamadour normally teaming with tourists ( a million a year in usual times) but now rather quiet and subdued.
The Medieval city of Rocamadour became a place of pilgrimage in the early middle ages. It started out as the hermitage of St.Amadour.
The grand staircase (1105 – 1152 )of more than 200 well worn steps leads up the rock in several flights. These staircases separate the town from the complex of religious structures that are set halfway up the cliff. Pilgrims often did these on their knees to show how sorry they were for doing something wrong.
The continuation… and then the first Chapel
It was late afternoon the Chapel was dark and the sun low in the sky. The pure colours of this 19 centurty stained glass window drew us in. This is the Chappel of Saint John the Baptist, the first Chappel of the sanctuaries, a memorial to Jesus baptism. Here many believers were baptised, and many others professed their faith. According to Jesus own words Mark16:16 “Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved”
The window in full length and colour.
On a third wall of this Chapel of John the Baptist is this large picture.The red stream is for love the blue is for the water of life. In the Bible Jesus is revealed in all His beauty and loveliness. Every soul will find comfort and consolation in the Word, which is full of promises concerning what God will do for the one who comes into right relation to Him.

Many… have no true appreciation of the sacredness of eternal things. Nearly all need to be taught how to conduct themselves in the house of God. Parents should not only teach, but command, their children to enter the sanctuary with sobriety and reverence.

Ellen. G. White Great Controversy 539- 540

7 thoughts on “Day 12 France: Domme a bastile/fortified medieval town. Rocamadour a medieval cliff top village. Day 13 Sabbath walk

  1. What a lovely post. Flowers against rough old walls; beautiful stained glass; all that history. Bugzy was a good buy. 🥰. Happy week to you and everyone.


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